P. Industrial Arazuri-Orcoyen

Calle C 24 31170 Arazuri (Navarra)

Lun - Vi: 7:00 - 22:00


+34 948 324 455


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Years at the forefront of precision machining
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Our future

Be the benchmarks in the manufacture of complex and precise parts.

Accuracy at every step

The success of the manufacture of a part is established at the time of the drawing study and the decision of the verification strategy of each step.

Under-plane manufacturing

Our commitment to excellence and precision requires an attitude of constant innovation and improvement that has made us the leading precision machining company in the sector.

We know the needs and difficulties of unit part manufacturing and small series.

In the production process we bring our knowledge and experience to each plane proposing improvements and cost savings.


Study of each piece

Design verification

CNC programming

CNC verification

Preparation of the material.



Large dimensional weeds

Manufacturing process





Parts verification

Three-dimensional measurement 



The importance of high-precision machining


Currently the advancement of high-speed technology and production lines means that many industries require high-precision machined parts.

The appearance of the 5-axis machining centers has made it possible to obtain shapes, mechanical demands, finishes and angles that are impossible to reach by milling until a few years ago.

But no longer than machining machinery, there is nothing that can supplement the view of the part by an experienced milling machine.

In-depth knowledge of material behavior at chip removal and different surface treatments is vital.

The experience of anticipaing part deformations during the machining process or the complexity of measuring and taking references in the part once the grip point has been lost.

“Only those who see them continuously with the hundredths and thousandths know of the universe that opens up as they move from one to the other”

Accuracy is a matter of measurement


We are aware that in most of the high precision parts that we manufacture the end customer does not have the means or time necessary to check all the dimensions, figures and finishes indicated on the plane.

That’s why we establish trusting relationships with our customers based on our technical solvency and methodical machining and measurement rigorousness.

At Ederlan we put everything on our side to ensure that the parts are manufactured according to plan, since a precision error in parts of great complexity may not be detectable until the part is mounted in its final location and then it is very difficult to reverse given the complexity and high demands required.

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